Elli Flén


A communications consultant that makes you more visible

Strategic communication, professional media training, creating publicity and crisis communication

With a sharp message, thorough planning and perfect timing you will be noticed in the constantly expanding information flow of today. I am an experienced communications consultant with a long track record of handling demanding communications situations, crisis communication and media training for leaders, experts and authorities.

I am specialized in communication crisis situations, communication in post-conflict areas and multicultural environments. I have personal experience from both civilian and military international crisis management missions and have taught media handling and done interview coaching for students from over 20 countries.

How can I help your organization?

Media Training

Build your confidence and find your most effective message in Elli´s tough but funny media trainings.circled-chevron-right-30-2

Communications Planning

Communications strategy, event planning, writing the story of your organization.circled-chevron-right-30-2

Crisis Communication

First aid in crisis situations as well as planning and preparations for avoiding the scandals in the first place.circled-chevron-right-30-2

Conference Hosts

Make your seminar, conference or event more enjoyable with a professional host and speaker.circled-chevron-right-30-2