A professional conference facilitator

- the key to the well-organized, enjoyable and successful business event

The guests should not notice it too clearly, but every party, business event or conference is also a communicational measure. The event must reflect and strengthen the values and brand of the host that organizes the event. While the guests are enjoying themselves, they should also receive an understanding of a theme, product, idea or about the organizing company itself. A professional Master of Ceremonies, host or conference facilitator will make sure the right messages are conveyed during the event, that the audience is in the right mood and that you keep the schedule. A good MC presents the speakers, make them feel welcome and comfortable and cover up for any unexpected issues that might happen during the event.

I offer professional conference services in English, Swedish and Finnish. I co-operate with several other professional hosts in case you prefer two or several MCs to your event.


Please do not hesitate to contact me when you are planning an event, conference or panel.