Crisis communication – get the training to keep you safe

You are often judged primarily by the way you handled the crisis rather than by the crisis itself

"A crisis is not what has happened, it is what people think has happened. "

-Michael Bland

”Crisis” is probably the most overused word by media people at the moment. I have worked with communication in real, serious crises where people have died, are seriously in danger or where whole nations are shaking due long term instability or unexpected catastrophes. These situations demand hard core professional crisis communication where understanding cultural context, knowing what happens to people in panic and understanding media logic in events that make breaking news internationally, are all crucial. People working in real crisis situations both in national authorities and overseas, should make sure they have the adequate media training before they go on duty. That can be as important as your protective gear.

Nevertheless, a much smaller incident can still harm a single organization or company and harm its’ reputation and brand so seriously, it cannot be repaired. So never mind the definition of the word, all types of crises need handling. Crisis communication is something any company or organization should think of – preferably before the crisis strikes.

Good planning and good training will help you if the worst happens. Even better, good crisis planning will work as vaccine and can help you avoid many crises altogether.


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