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Get professional media training in order to boost your confidence and deliver your message effectively

Anyone who needs to speak publicly needs media training. A good speaker will always have a greater and more committed audience than a boring speaker – no matter what the subject is, or which speaker happen to have the greater expertise.  In order for your skills, ideas or products to be noticed, they need to be presented and spoken about in an inspiring and enthusiastic way.

Even if you are an experienced public speaker, it is always useful to update your knowledge on the latest trends in media and to check your own performance for any annoying habit you might have picked up since the last training. And when it comes to public speaking, you can always become even greater, even more confident. Ahead of any important event or public appearance it is also most useful to have an extra coaching in order to boost your confidence and help you make an better performance.

I have special experience in conveying messages in crisis and post conflict areas, where security threats, cultural differences and speaking through an interpreter create extra challenges. I offer professional media training, presentation training, interview coaching and trainings in public speaking in English, Swedish, Finnish or through interpretation in any language, on the location you choose.


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